“Newtech International Co Ltd” is a leading Engineering based Trading and Support Services company in the state of Qatar which was established by its founder Mr. A.Ponnuchamy in the year 2005.

Our corporate core motto is “bringing solutions, not just Equipment.” Newtech International Co Ltd has carved a niche for itself in the industrial sector because of its ongoing commitment to quality in its products and services.

Newtech International Co Ltd has ventured into the realms of Electro-Mechanics, Instrumentation and Process Control and has emerged as a leading supplier/service provider in the fields of Oil and Gas sector. With a view to providing specialized expertise for the growing environmental needs of the individual sector.

Newtech is one of the ENVIRONMENTAL Companies who pioneered RATA in the state of Qatar, following is successful completion of continuous emission monitoring test in Qatar GAS Company.

Our Vision

The legacy of a cleaner and healtheir environment.

Our Mission

To provide the latest technologically advanced products and solutions to efficiently achieve our client’s ‘business objectives’.