Newtech International Co Ltd., has ventured into the realms of Electro-Mechanics, Instrumentation and Process Control and has emerged as a leading Supplier /Service provider in the fields of Industrial as well commercial. Our corporate core motto is ” bringing the Solution not just equipment”.



Newtech supply, install and commission all kinds of environmental monitoring devices, be it Ambient..,

Electro Mechanics

Safety is the most important in extreme working conditions, where a fire could put people’s life at risk unless necessary..,


SILO Protection – a pneumatic conveying operation is necessary to prevent over-pressurization or over-filling..,

Health & Safety

Newtech started its activities in the field of Air & Water – first started marketing water purification systems based on copper.,

Our Vision

The legacy of a cleaner and heal their environment

Our Mission

To provide the latest technologically advanced products and solutions to efficiently achieve our client’s ‘business objectives’

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